We are a learning organisation that puts youth and player development at the heart of our work.

RonanBuzzers – pBuzz Group
The pBuzz is a new instrument designed to capture the musical interest of children and teach them the basics of playing a brass instrument in a fun and exciting way. It is really a simplified version of a trombone in that it uses the same size mouthpiece and has a moveable tube to change the notes.  Our first grouo of RonanBuzzers have graduated to brass now. We will start up another Buzzers group in the early Spring!

Training Band & ClassBrass
Our learners’ group meets on a Friday from 2.30pm and is open to anyone who would like to learn to play a brass instrument (subject to availability)

St. Ronan’s Future Band
The Future Band meets on a Friday at 6pm and is our youth band for intermediate/advanced players.  As well as acting as a feeder to the senior band, the Future Band plays at many engagements in its own right.  New players alwyas welcome.

Band Camp
We run a Band Camp each year during the school summer holidays. Watch this space for details of the 2024 event (2, 3, 4 July)!